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Welding Blankets, Fire Retarding welding Blankets

Fire Retarding welding Blanket

Protect workers and equipment from dangerous welding, brazing, and high-heat cutting operations. The Weld Blanket provides protection from extreme temperatures up to 2000 degrees. Welding blankets are available in different types depending on the application. The most common uses are arc welding, heat treatment, grinding, and heat shield barriers. Additionally, Steel Guard Safety’s welding blankets and high-temp resistance rolls block sparks, spatter, slag, and even molten splashes. You can solve your high-temperature safety issues with our wide range of materials.

The following is some information on welding blankets. Depending on your needs, you can choose.

ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fire Retardant Blanket


Make sure your furniture, floors, wooden railings, and yourself are protected against sparks, embers, molten metal, and fire from grills, smokers, and bonfires.

It is a professional and heavy duty welding and cutting device designed for use at home and outside.


With this fiberglass blanket, you can easily transport, store, and organize your belongings with its compact size: 14″ x 13″ x 2.8″ inch.

If you need to accommodate smaller applications, simply fold the blanket to accommodate it.


For maximum thermal protection in light to heavy-duty general welding applications, the device can be heated up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (537 degrees Celsius).

As well as insulating from heat, it arrests sparks and short-term exposure to flames.

Carbon Felt Welding Blanket – Made in USA

The Waylander Carbon Felt Welding Blanket: Why should you buy it? This is because it works. You need welding blankets that are both quality and durable, so don’t settle for subpar blankets that lack substance. You’ll receive a fireproof pad that is effective against flames and heat up to 1800°F when you purchase from us!

We chose an ultra-soft carbon felt fabric not only for its fire-retardant properties, but also for its gentle feel. In case you need squares of fireproof fabric, we have what you need. For different applications, they are easily adaptable because they are cut to fit.

The job is not too big or too small… Waylander Welding can handle it all.


You can cut the fabric to the sizes you need with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. The fabric is incredibly durable and has no seams, so it will be seamless at all edges.

Waylander Svalinn Fiberglass Welding Blanket – Flame Retardant Fabric

Make sure your people, your tools, your shop, and your neighbors are protected with an adequate welding blanket. Waylander’s Fiberglass Welding Blanket with Vermiculite Treatment ensures safety for everyone and everything. Using high-quality fiberglass and infusing it with vermiculite adds an extra layer of fire resistance, plus it significantly reduces shedding and decreases skin irritations.

Place the blanket on the floor, drape it over a work surface or hang it to protect walls. The material is heavy-duty and durable. People use it to keep the heat in grills and smokers when the temperature falls below freezing, while others use it to protect the ground and patio under fire pits. The blanket is an excellent solution for each of these tasks.

You should get this for your plumbing or welding crews or mechanics if they need a high quality flame retardant blanket.

Regardless of the task, you’re covered by Waylander Welding.

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