Best hand tool for home use

This is a list of tools I would consider for almost any task you may need to do in your house. They will be useful for anything, from helping to cut an item, to making something more durable or less prone to wear and tear or whatever else you may need it to do. There really isn’t much that wouldn’t benefit this list. It’s not a lot of things and certainly isn’t too big so don’t overwhelm yourself.

Carpenter-shaped wrench/saw

This one looks like it would be used by anybody who has ever had to use a jackhammer. For some good reason though, I find myself finding it best suited to those that would like to have their nails clipped (or manicured if that’s what you prefer). That being said, it is still handy for pretty much everything else you might think about doing with a jackhammer. It helps you keep everything all nice and tidy at the end to make sure that things stay put and secure. I’d never thought about using a hammer hammer instead, but now I’m thinking of doing that on occasion. With a cinder block you get a steady grip at the right place at the right time. A large tip on the end allows for more control, which is always appreciated for this type of tool. You don’t often realise just how hard it is until you try it.

Cocktail mixer/electric hand mixer

This is also handy for chopping onions since they don’t belong together. When chopping vegetables, you’ll find yourself having to split them up quite frequently, and sometimes, there isn’t enough room in your bowl for the vegetables. Cocktails work well and are easy to make, making for a quick and tasty treat or snack as well. At least when mixed correctly. Some people want to give me a few tips on mixing and pouring cocktails, so I’ll be happy to oblige them (but maybe just for a little while)! Onions are definitely one that falls into this category and also works very well to chop them up. If you would like to know what steps to follow, check out my article here!

Drill press

I love drilling down in some places, especially because of what we’ve learnt about wood chips and holes. However, sometimes, just knowing how to drill a hole is all that is required. Even without actually damaging a piece of wood when doing so. My dad helped me master how to do this back around the age of ten, and then he taught himself to use it back when I was around eight. He likes to say that the only part that’s difficult for him to learn is keeping the bits out of his mouth. So far, so good. Not only does a drill press help you get better results, but it also keeps things neat and tidy at the same time. What else could you want?

Drill jacks

The drill jacks are great for taking holes even when you’re stuck somewhere and not much space is available otherwise. You can always access the tools on the other side with a cord (if you don’t own a cord, I can’t see why you wouldn’t), but sometimes, we need to look for another solution. Sometimes, it’s a bit harder and you need a bit more power than you have to. Either way, a drill jack comes in handy and gives that extra bit of power you don’t see. In fact, the jacks themselves are sold with different attachments and are capable of giving you whatever you need.

Drilling/cutting knife

This is a little bit different in terms of what a tool actually is. Many drill and cutters can take both small and large holes, so you might need one of these instead of just having one big one. As a result, it can be a bit tricky to choose that one size to suit for smaller spaces. Luckily, there are no such problems with drill jacks. Once again, they offer very similar functionality to the ones on this list. They’re both excellent and will do exactly what you need. One thing they won’t do is get in your way but it doesn’t mean they aren’t a must-have.


Last on our list of great home accessories. Personally, I’ve found myself using two different kinds of toothbrushes as a result of two reasons. First, I didn’t feel like buying more brushes when I could buy them separately from each other. Second, I needed to have a brush for cleaning teeth. Now my toothbrush collection is huge and this makes having a separate brush for brushing that much easier. The toothbrush is also handy for checking for loose plaque, which is probably the worst cause for dental caries among us, particularly adults. Since I was always struggling to get rid of it, I’ve found the toothbrush works wonders in stopping the mess and flaking that inevitably happens from time to time. There’s nothing worse than seeing a big chunk of sticky sticky stuff sitting in between your teeth. Having a separate toothbrush for a quick brush round up that helps.

Here are some results from tool kits I have created.

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