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Best Cutting Torch Reviews: The Top Tools For The Money and workshop

Cutting torches are indispensable tools for your work area since this is the only tool that you can rely on to perform cutting tasks. Other tools simply cannot substitute for them. You can use the cutting torch when you need to remove large steel pieces or bolts.

As well as cutting torches, there are also quite a few other options. You don’t need to use them exclusively when you’re cutting steel. In addition to welding, it can also be used for decorating, repairing, and crafting. The cutting torch can be a substitute for these other tools that you need to buy separately.

You will learn today which cutting torch is currently available on the market. Let’s take a closer look at which products we highly recommend.

1. Medalist HD Acetylene Cutting and Welding System.

Among the main benefits of the Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Cutting System are its durability, long-term use in industrial shops, and affordability for such an expensive piece. It can cut up to 3/4′′ the way it comes, or 6′′ with optional tips. It will weld up to 1/8′′ steel out of the box, and up to 3′′ with optional tips.

A kit can be used to upgrade or supplement existing equipment, which helps ESAB keep this outfit’s cost down. For example, Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Cutting System does not include extra heating or brazing tips, so you’ll need flash arresters separately. Check valves are built-in.

I would recommend this oxy-acetylene cutting torch kit for people who need to perform tougher, more heavy-duty cuts during industrial applications.

2. Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit

Lincoln Electric owns and manufactures the Harris brand. This oxy-acetylene torch set is high-quality, industrial-strength medium-duty torch that can cut steel to one inch thick right out of the box. The cutting tips can be customized to cut as much steel as 5 inches thick. With optional tips, it can weld 1/2″ steel, as well as 1/8-inch plate steel.

In addition to its rugged industrial standards, the Harris Ironworker 510 DLX has built-in check valves and no flash arresters. It is made of forged solid brass. The cutting lever can be flipped forward to provide a more ergonomic and solid feel. There are 20 feet of 1/4-inch diameter supply hoses that provide sufficient reach.

Among the accessories included with this oxyacetylene torch are shade level 5 glasses, a striker, a 20-foot hose with 1/4′′ diameter, and an insulated tool bag. 510 DLX is silver-brazed at every joint for exceptional strength and sealing. Two-piece cutting tips make cleaning and maintenance easy.

3. Firepower 0384-2571 250 Series OxyFuel Medium Duty Acetylene Outfit

OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit by Firepower has reverse-flow check valves. A striker, a cutting head, a nozzle, a tip, and 12.5 feet of hoses are included in the kit. The kit also comes with goggles and flashback arrestors. Victor is the manufacturer of oxyfuel torches, so parts and tips are always readily available.

With a larger cutting tip, this torch can weld up to 5 inches thick steel, and cut steel up to 1/2 inch thick the way it ships. With the Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit, you can weld up to 1/8-inch steel out of the box and up to 1/2-inch metal with extra Victor welding tips.

With a hose length of 12.5 feet, the OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit from Firepower is a standard length in this price range. This torch kit is cheaper than the other rigs we’ve looked at but doesn’t come with any tanks. That may not be a problem, though. Some torch kits come with tanks that aren’t DOT-certified. So you’ll have to buy or lease tanks if they can’t be filled.

4. Lincoln Electric Port-A-Torch Mini Cutting Kit

This high-quality Port-A-Torch Mini Cutting Kit from Lincoln Electric is a lightweight, hands-free torch kit with an acetylene tank and oxygen tank. The storage caddy has padded shoulder straps for enhanced portability and a MC-sized oxygen tank.

You can fill the acetylene tank or exchange it right out of the box, but the oxygen tank has not been certified. It can’t be filled or exchanged. You can have it certified fairly cheaply or buy a new one, but the price is higher.

The unit can cut up to an inch of steel as delivered. With a different tip and larger cylinders, you can cut up to 4 inches of steel. It can weld up to 1/16-inch thick metal, extending to 11.2 inches with larger tanks and torch tips.

It’s forged brass and features a built-in check valve, so it’s tough and precise. With the Lincoln Electric Port-A-Torch Mini Cutting Kit, you’ll receive a welding tip, a cutting head, cutting and welding tips, goggles, and a striker. The cutting attachment is brass, and the delivery tubes are stainless steel.

5. Hobart Oxy/Acetylene Tag-A-Long Portable Cutting Torch Kit

With its integrated carrier tote and lightweight, the Hobart Oxy/Acetylene Portable Cutting Torch Kit is ideal for a farm truck or ranch truck for quick repair work. In addition to these qualities, it is also a great choice for the home DIY shop. Although a 12.5-foot hose is a little short with a full-size setup, this outfit makes it easier to store, carry, and use.

Hobart designed the Tag-A-Long to be compatible with Victor torches, meaning parts are easy to get and don’t cost much. The torch will cut steel up to 38 inches thick with the included #0 cutting tip. When using a Victor #4 tip, you can cut up to 11.2 inches thick, and with a Victor #5 tip, you can cut up to 34.4 inches thick without any extra hoses.

You can weld metal up to 18.5 inches thick with the Hobart Tag-A-Long’s #0 welding tip, which is great for equipment brackets and angle iron structures. Up to 12 inches of welding thickness can be achieved with a Victor #4 tip.

6. VictorESAB Victor 0384-2125 Performer 540/510 EDGE 2.0 Outfit

A complete cutting torch kit with goggles and a few other parts is the Performer EDGE 2.0. The WH100FC welding handle is designed to handle medium-duty cutting and welding jobs. Cutting, welding, and heating metal can be accomplished using all oxyfuel fuels. For safety, this handle comes with a flash arrestor and a reverse flow check valve.

In addition, ESAB provides the CA1350 cutting attachment, which is performance-matched specifically to the WH100FC welding handle. The Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit comes with Victor Traditional threaded assemblies for easy, fast, and affordable maintenance.

Cutting torch kit Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 can cut up to 1/2-inch steel right out of the box. Using Victor attachments, this torch can cut steel up to 6 inches thick. You can weld steel up to 1/4 inch with the Performer as delivered, and you can weld steel up to 1/2 inch with optional attachments. Thicker.

Purchaser’s Guide

An outfit with a torch has few parts. Here is an overview of what you should be looking for.

Handle or body of a torch

This purpose is primarily served by brass that has been forged. Where the delivery tubes enter and exit the main body, look for high-quality solder joints.

Torch handles should be comfortable to hold for long periods of time. These ergonomically designed and comfortable grips keep control and comfort over the long haul.

A torch handle should allow you to change accessories easily, such as the cutting tip, a different tip, and custom levers. Flashback arresters built into computers can increase their price, but not as much as buying them separately. Another item that can be added to improve safety is an anti-flashback check valve.

Hose and Tank of Torch

The hose usually comes in a double configuration, molded side by side. The hose is generally green on one side, red on the other. Green is for oxygen. Make sure that it is as long as possible. Without constantly stopping and repositioning your gear, welding well is difficult enough.

Fuel types are graded according to the type of house. A grade R or RM is suitable only for acetylene, while a grade T is suitable for both acetylene and propylene.

Occasionally, outfits come with small tanks, but one or both of these tanks may not have DOT stamps, so they cannot be transported fully. There are some welding supply shops that will exchange the tanks or certify them, but the cost of tanks must be considered regardless.

If you’re in a hurry to light up that torch, some of the small extras in your cutting torch kit can make a big difference. Many cutting kits come with goggles. The striker used to turn on the torch is also a useful accessory. As a matter of safety, matches and lighters shouldn’t be used for this purpose.

Make a difference by torch-bearers

There are a large number of torches on the market made by Victor, Smith, and Harris. Most of them have been acquired by other welding companies over the years.

Miller bought Smith, ESAB purchased Victor, and Lincoln purchased Harris. There are various cutting and welding torch tip systems used by different torch manufacturers. Among the torch tips Smith is using are Victor’s. SomeThe market for torches is dominated by Victor, and many manufacturers use Victor’s tips.

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